Infant Stimulation Program
The Infant Stimulation Program at Archway Academy sets the standard for quality infant care. Our Infant Care Providers will build a warm, nurturing bond with your child by spending one on one time with them, promptly attending to their needs and using positive communication. Infants learn so much by using their senses to explore their surroundings. We provide the perfect environment to stimulate all aspects of your child development while they explore, play, sing, dance, make their first friends. Your child will be provided with a daily schedule tailored to their specific needs. A Daily Activity Report, of every milestone and event of your child’s day, will be provided to you at the end of each day. We will provide you and your child a smooth transition into preschool.
Toddlers and Two's
Our program for toddlers and twos is designed specifically to help your child adjust to a classroom setting, with a set schedule and routine, and to prepare them for preschool. This is the age where your child is learning communication, how to get along with others, becoming more independent and really investigating the world around them. We will nurture your child through this journey with individualized care as well as daily educational and hands on activities. From potty training, to meal time and everything in between, our talented teams of Educators will incorporate learning into everything your child does at Archway Academy.
Three Year Old Program
Our preschool programs are targeted to children ages three to four years of age, providing the foundation they need as they continue on in school. We will set your child up for success as they learn to build relationships, work together, and communicate with their peers. Each day is carefully planned to incorporate language, math, science, art, music, nutrition, sports and all areas of development. Students are encourage to learn from and help each other, be creative, ask questions, explore their interests, problem solve, and be active learners. Our 3K educators will build supportive relationships with your child, spotlight their individuality, and ensure a loving and learning environment.
Four Year Old Kindergarten
Our four year old kindergarten is an approved SC First Steps 4K program. Our Certified Teachers provide a structured, yet fun environment to make learning enjoyable for your child. The program entails a wide range of planned activities, strategically designed to meet the South Carolina Good Start Grow Smart Early Learning Standards in Social and emotional development, language and literacy, mathematics, as well as physical development and health. We give your child a head start in learning math, science, art, music, and language, ensuring they are prepared for Kindergarten.
The Zone
Welcome to The Zone! Our after-school program offers an afternoon snack, individual homework help, outdoor play and Zone activities. Zone activities allow your child to build relationships with their peers while exploring their individual interests in art, science, sensory, music, computer, library, blocks, toys, and games. They can also choose to explore mini-zones of their choice. The Zone also offers full-day programs and award winning camps while children are out of school.
Camp BBC
At Camp BBC, we believe that kids want and need to be creative, involved, social, busy, and have fun. Camp BBC provides just that. Summer at Camp BBC is organized around a thematic camp approach and broken up into tracks such as Camp Kitchen, Art Explosion, Mad Science, and Physical Domination. New themes and tracks every year means children can look forward to new and exciting activities every summer. Each fun filled track is packed with exciting games and challenges.

The highlight of Summer Camp is the weekly field-trips to destinations such as EdVenture, Whirling Waters, Velocity Air Sports, and much more. Our campers also look forward to water days, camp canteen, and the camp store. Camp BBC provides an atmosphere and activities suitable for children and their interest. Camp BBC is the place to be! We look forward to a fun, exciting, and very busy summer here at Camp BBC!