At Archway Academy we pride ourselves on a low student to teacher ratio which allows our teachers to provide your child with the highest level of education.

Our whole body approach to learning incorporates the South Carolina Good Start, Grow Smart Early Learning Standards and the five areas of child development:

  • Physical health, well-being and movement skills
  • Social and emotional development
  • Approcahes to learning
  • Thinking abilities and general knowledge
  • Communication, language, and literacy

Our Teachers are guided by the Creative Curriculum. The Creative Curriculum is a research based and proven educational program which supports active learning and promotes children’s progress in all areas of development. The Creative Curriculum believes that children learn best by doing, which is why it sets children up to learn through activities, play, and classroom interactions. Your child’s team of educators will establish a theme for each week. They will incorporate this theme into small group activities, large group activities, outdoor play, and the 10 interest areas in the classroom.

  • Building Blocks
  • Dramatic Play
  • Toys and Games
  • Art
  • Library
  • Science and Discovery
  • Sand and Water
  • Music and Movement
  • Cooking
  • Computers

Each interest area is strategically set up to follow the week’s theme and learning objectives, as well as the interests of the class. This means that while your child is playing and interacting with friends, they are also learning!

Daily schedules vary by class to meet the needs of each age group. All Preschool Classroom Schedules include the following:

  • Brain Smart Starts to Wake-up the mind and body.
  • Morning Meeting to review the daily curriculum.
  • Large Group Activities done as a class.
  • One-on-one and small group activities to practice math, science, literacy, art, and fine motor skills.
  • Time enjoyed outside with physical activities, sports, and games.
  • Ten interest areas in which to play and learn with friends.
  • Nutritious family style meals.
  • Routine breaks to drink water and use the restroom.
  • Promotion of health and sanitation with regular hand washing.
Included in our curriculum is in-house and off site field-trips to extend children’s knowledge and understanding of the world outside of the classroom. In-house field-trips include special visitors such as Fire Fighters, Police Officers, Farmers, Librarians, and more. Each month our Four Year Old Kindergarteners take a field-trip off campus to expand on what they are learning in the classroom. Field-Trip destinations include a pumpkin patch, post office, a working farm, a fire station, and other local places of interest.
County Library makes regular visits to Archway Academy. Book Mobile makes regular visits Children walk onto the County Book Mobile and into a real library experience with regular visits from The Sumter County Book Mobile in Sumter and The Dorchester County Library Book Mobile in Summerville. A chance for all children to explore, read and even check out new and exciting books.

Meals are included in your tuition at Archway Academy. We follow the Child And Adult Care Food Program offering USDA approved menus for breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack. Teachers assist the students as they serve themselves each component of the meal with our family style dining.

Farm to Preschool

Archway Academy is proud to be a part of the South Carolina Farm to Preschool program. We believe that the more children are involved in what they eat, the more likely they are to try new things, enjoy healthy food and develop lifelong healthy eating habits. Each class has a garden plot to plant vegetables, watch them grow, pick their produce and eat what they grow. Farm to preschool classroom curriculum include gardening activities, taste tests, cooking classes and story-time with books from our Farm to Preschool library. Our schools also order local South Carolina produce weekly which is served as part of our USDA approved menu.

At Archway Academy we believe in encouraging children and setting them up for success. Conscious Discipline focuses on self-regulation and teaching children to manage their own thoughts, feelings, and actions. We enable your child to self-regulate by teaching them responsibility, compassion, focus, guidance, acceptance, love, and learning from mistakes. Conscious Discipline allows teachers to spend less time correcting behavior and more time teaching.